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Faceplates & Sleeves



Product Description

Curling brush faceplates are available in 5 designs:
BalancePlus Oval
LiteSpeed 7″
LiteSpeed XL 9″
RS 7″
RS XL 9″

The above faceplates are available in a WCF Approved Design and are compliant for use in WCF events.


Products and/or colours may not be exactly as shown


Please click HERE for sweeping and equipment rules from the World Curling Federation.
Please click HERE for Curling Canada’s Sweeping Moratorium.

Advantages of EQ Faceplates

BalancePlus has the exclusive license to manufacture and sell brush-heads using the EQualizer patented technology secretly developed by a research group for the Engineering Faculty at the University of Western Ontario for Team Canada 2010.
Recreational curlers benefit the most from EQualizer technology.
Brushing produces heat. In the past, more heat was produced by using more and more abrasive fabrics. The abrasive fabrics currently being used wear off the pebble. This causes flatter ice and increases the difficulty in making quality shots. EQualizer technology will keep the heat produced close to the ice where it is needed, providing many benefits over current brush-heads. EQualizer brush-heads feature less abrasive fabrics leading to less ice damage and the reduced friction requires less effort to sweep.

The chart below shows the advantages of using an EQ faceplate over other faceplates.

Click HERE to view a video on the EQ faceplate.

Shipping & Returns


All orders are processed in the order they are received and are available to ship within 2 business days once processed at BalancePlus.


Should your BalancePlus EQuipment not fit properly, you may exchange the unused/unworn item for the correct size. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Items that have been worn, laundered, or used may not be returned. Any item being returned must be returned in its original packaging, free of damage.

All special orders are final. For more information, please see our Shipping & Returns


Please click HERE to visit our FAQ page.

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