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Stabilizer Delivery Device


Product Description

The Stabilizer delivery device assists curlers in maintaining a balanced slide while delivering the curling stone.

Colours vary.

Specifically designed by Earle Morris (three-time Brier competitor, 1998 World Junior coach, and former coach of Team Canada). The Stabilizer is the only curling delivery device of its kind with a patent and an extension option. The sliding pads on the 3 points of contact with the ice help ensure a quiet and smooth delivery directly toward the target.

BalancePlus offers 2 types of Stabilizers, FS1 and FS3.

The FS3 model is a virtually the same as the FS1, with the added brush head. The brush head allows the curler to clean the rock and the ice surface before throwing.

The Stabilizer will:
Help square your shoulders.
Take pressure off the knee.
Stabilize your delivery.
Bring balance to your game.
Improve your game!

Sleek and effective free-standing models. Front-end loaded for weight. Often a favourite of club curlers for its lighter feel. Has also been used to win Olympic Gold and World Championships.

For further information, view videos of the Stabilizer.

BalancePlus Safety

Products and/or colours may not be exactly as shown.


Curling is an indoor/outdoor winter sport played on a slippery surface. It involves inherent dangers and risks for you and others. Be conscious of your physical condition and always play with an awareness of your surroundings. The use of BalancePlus products requires skill and the exercise of caution. Failure to exercise caution in the use of these products could result in serious body injuries. Adults should properly supervise any under age children using BalancePlus products. Always inspect your equipment for any signs of wear before each use. BalancePlus sells personal protective/safety equipment for the sport of curling such as Helmets and Anti-Sliders.

Shipping & Returns


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Should your BalancePlus EQuipment not fit properly, you may exchange the unused/unworn item for the correct size. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Items that have been worn, laundered, or used may not be returned. Any item being returned must be returned in its original packaging, free of damage.

All special orders are final. For more information, please see our Shipping & Returns.

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