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Product Description

Extender Scope Delivery Stick (Extender Curling Stick)

This extender curling stick is used when performing a curling slide is not possible. The Extender is perfect for wheelchair and stick curling.  Due to the Extender, curlers have been able to enjoy the sport of curling for many years following sliding to deliver the curling stone.

A 100% Canadian designed and built product. Molded from a well-balanced polymer resin that features high impact strength properties, especially at lower temperatures. The head fits on the handle of most curling stones allowing the curler to remain upright or seated while performing a well controlled, accurate delivery and release.

The best selling “original” length ExtendeR Scope is crafted from light weight aluminum. This telescopic pole/stick extends from 2.5’ to 4’ and has a total playing weight under 400 grams or just under one (1) pound. The improved design incorporates an improved dual-locking mechanism, similiar to the Special Edition.

Stick and Wheelchair curling is a competitive sport that leads to national and paralympic events.

Watch the Extender Scope in action in this video by Curling Canada.

In general, stick curlers require curling footwear with grippers on both feet for traction and safety.  Given that, be sure to check out the BalancePlus footwear collection for shoes available for stick curlers.


Telescopic pole/stick extends from 2.5’ to 4’.
Lightweight design (400 grams) makes for easy use.
Dual-locking mechanism.
Easy to transport.

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