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Curling Rock Matching Services

Are your rocks matched?  Are you having doubts? BalancePlus offers it's rock matching services to Curling Clubs and Organizations throughout the World.

9 Rock Thrower/Matcher

The design of rock matching equipment was the first step in developmental equipment used to consistently match rocks. That technology has laid the foundation for BalancePlus to match 9 rocks consistently (one set of eight rocks with one rock used as a constant). Together with our computer software, the rock matching equipment allows us to know the speeds of all the rocks relative to one another. This technology will provide useful knowledge in the performance of curling rocks under different ice conditions, and provide a more consistent performance from rocks in clubs and arenas.

Price $1000 CDN funds (based on a 4 sheet curling club)
Includes Travel to clubs within 100kms of Barrie, ON. Set-up and take down. Complete evaluation of all rocks and recommended pairings throughout the entire club. Additional sheets $200/sheet of ice. Fees for travel further than 100km available upon request.
Clubs to Supply Ice technician (ice to be prepared to our specification). 8 volunteers on ice at all times.

Rock matching will require approximately 1 hour per sheet of ice.

Line of Delivery Machine

A device was created in 1996 by Lino Di Iorio that enables the video recording of a curler's slide from the opposite end of the sheet. (Two additional views are also available). A camera acts as a target and can be moved by the curler or coach from side to side via remote control.
A grid on the camera shows parallel lines to the line of delivery and the recorded video clearly shows if the proper line of delivery was achieved. Thus, providing instant on-ice feedback and revealing the impact of any delivery changes.
Now the curler can directly see the proper line of delivery and make adjustments to correct any mistakes. Curlers can make their own recordings for analysis.

Perfect for junior curling programs, adult clinics, and high performance team clinics.

Please click HERE for more information on Training Centre Rates.

Deceleration Measurement using Radar Technology

In 1999, BalancePlus built a device that will accurately measure the deceleration caused by equipment during the slide. This information along with the placement of the BalancePlus hole, thickness of BalancePlus Slider and Toe Coating will aid in achieving more consistency amongst team member's slides. Thus, matching the speed of the slide and point of release of each team member. Contact BalancePlus for more information on the Line of Delivery Machine, Rock Matching Equipment, or Deceleration Technology.

BalancePlus Tests Slider Deceleration

BalancePlus conducted tests on curling shoes and sliders using Doppler radar equipment that records the speed of the curler during the delivery.

Please click HERE for more details.

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