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Complete Head Capture Piece


BalancePlus Complete Heads

Black/Black Black/Orange Black/Blue Black/Red Black/Yellow
Blue/Black Blue/Orange Blue/Blue Blue/Red Blue/Yellow
Red/Black Red/Orange Red/Blue Red/Red Red/Yellow
White/Black White/Orange White/Blue White/Red White/Yellow


For a complete Curling Brush choose a
Complete Head below and a Handle from the Fibreglass Curling Brush, Composite Curling Brush,
Carbon Fibre Curling Brush menus

All complete heads include
EQualizer faceplates

EQualizer faceplates

EQ for LiteSpeed Black Orange Red Blue Yellow


Cordura Faceplates

Black FP Gold FP Blue FP Red FP OrangeFP YellowFP GreenFP SilverFP CamoFP purple curling brush head pink curling brush head lime green curling brush head
Black Gold Blue Red Orange Yellow Dark Green Silver Camo Purple Pink Neon Green


BalancePlus Capture Pieces & EQ Bolts

Available in Black, Blue, Red, White, and Grey (LiteSpeed only)

Black Red White Blue EQ Bolts

Performance Brush Capture Pieces

Red White Blue


Transformer Brush Heads & Components
F84H F84R F91H F92H K87

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BalancePlus Curling Equipment