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Curling's first International Technical Training and Research and Development Centre was established in 2001. The centre, located in Toronto, offers individual and team training sessions. It houses the latest teaching equipment and technology developed by Lino Di Iorio, founder of BalancePlus.  The Toronto facility brings to Canada what BalancePlus has been providing in Europe since 1998.

The other important aspect of the game, strategy, compliments the technical side. Two of the World's best curling strategists, Eddie "The Wrench" Werenich, and Neil Harrison conduct these sessions.

On Ice Training Rate Chart

Description Session Rate
4 hours, maximum 6 people (4 players, 1 alternate, 1 coach) First Visit $200
Minimum 1 hour Follow-Up Sessions $50/hour
8 hours Full Day $300

Strategy Rate Chart

Description Rate
2 hour minimum, per team of 6 $50/hour
Additional people to maximum 20 people $10/person/hour*

*Maximum $100/hour for all strategy sessions


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