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All Sliders have an impression under the ball of the foot.  Extra holes decrease drag.

Slider Options
Standard 1/16" Stealth Slider


Standard BalancePlus

Extra Hole in
Toe and Heel

hinged 3
Hinged for Flex
Extra Hole in Heel and Toe

tuck partial
Hinged for Flex Partial
Extra Hole in Toe
Crepe on Heel

Other Installations

Plantation Crepe Gripper Installation

Toe Coating


Lace Covers

Slider Installations (includes removal of existing slider)
A - 1/16" Stealth Slider (requires BalancePlus to create a recess in the sole)
1/8" BalancePlus®
B - 3/16" BalancePlus®
1/4" BalancePlus®
Upgrades at time of purchase
1/4" BalancePlus® upgrade
D - Extra BalancePlus® holes in toe and heel of full slider
I - Hinged for Tuck (with additional hole in the heel for occasional flat foot sliders (not 1/16")
J - Hinged for Tuck Partial with crepe on heel (for tuck and toe sliders that want to use their heel as a brake)
O - Plantation crepe gripper (glued to the gripper shoe, includes removal of existing gripper)
P - Trailing toe coating (applied to the top of the trailing shoe at the toe to reduce drag)
Q -Lace covers (per shoe, may not be exactly as shown)
Extra Grinding Fee for non-curling shoes

NOTE:  All BalancePlus slider installations on shoes other than BalancePlus shoes will have
a black leather BalancePlus label affixed to the upper of the shoe.

Below are the Installation Tags for Grippers and Sliders. Please attach these tags to your shoes before sending them for installations.

Gripper Tags (PDF format)

Slider Tags (PDF format)

Canada Post does not deliver parcels to us unless a signature is required on delivery.
Please specify the "Signature Required" option or use couriers that provide "Door to Door" Service to avoid delays in having your order processed.

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