BalancePlus Curling Equipment




Curling is an indoor/outdoor winter sport played on a slippery surface. It involves inherent dangers and risks for you and others. Be conscious of your physical condition and always play with an awareness of your surroundings. The use of BalancePlus products requires skill and the exercise of caution. Failure to exercise caution in the use of this product could result in serious body injures. Adults should properly supervise any under age children using BalancePlus products. Always inspect your equipment for any signs of wear before each use. Due to the nature of this product, the seller, distributor and manufacturer of BalancePlus products assume no responsibility for personal injury or property damage, which may be caused by accident, negligence or otherwise. Curlers have the sole responsibility for their personal safety.

Be safe and good curling!


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BalancePlus Curling Equipment