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Are your rocks matched?  Are you having doubts? BalancePlus® offers it's rock matching services to Curling Clubs and Organizations throughout the World.

9-Rock Thrower/Matcher

rockthrowerlarge.gif (26303 bytes)


Price $1000 CDN funds (based on a 4 sheet curling club)
Includes Travel to clubs within 100km of Barrie, ON
Set-up and take down
Complete evaluation of all rocks and recommended pairings throughout entire club
Additional sheets $200/sheet of ice
Fees for travel further than 100km available upon request
Clubs to supply Ice Technician (ice to be prepared to our specification)
8 volunteers on ice at all times

Rock matching will require approximately 1 hour per sheet of ice.

Additional pictures:

mainmotor.gif (7085 bytes)
main motor
control1.gif (5503 bytes)
motorview.gif (21619 bytes)
motor view
rockmotion.gif (4367 bytes)
rocks in place
endview.gif (4223 bytes)
end view
frontview.gif (21236 bytes)
front view
topview.gif (4211 bytes)
top view
track.gif (6519 bytes)


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