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Questions About Curling Equipment

Browse our knowledgebase of frequently asked questions.  Here you'll find general questions and answers about curling equipment, BalancePlus products, and information on things like shipping and order processing.

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Footwear, Sliders, Installations

Visit the SHOP section of our website and click on Footwear Installations for this service.

Of course. When sending your shoes to us for service, please specify “Door to Door” delivery to ensure your order is processed immediately. Include a detailed note inside your parcel that specifies your name, address, and shipping address (if different). Visit the SHOP section of our website and click on installations for this service. NOTE: A black leather BalancePlus label will be affixed to the upper of your sliding shoe.

The BalancePlus slider can be installed on almost any type of shoe. When you are purchasing a pair of shoes for a BalancePlus installation, please keep in mind that plain outsoles are easier to work with than others. There will be an additional grinding charge of $20.00 per shoe for non-curling shoes. Visit the SHOP section of our website and click on Footwear Installations for this service.

An additional BalancePlus hole will decrease surface area, and increase the speed of your slider. The additional hole will allow the matching of deceleration amongst all players of a curling team, ultimately improving consistency and weight control. All 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ BalancePlus sliders have a hole under the ball of the foot and an additional hole will be located at the toe of the sole and in the heel of the slider.

The coating that is applied to the trailing shoe is a specifically formulated mixture that is applied as a liquid and hardens to form a protective coating. This coating also provides the curler with less drag on the trailing toe. This coating can be applied to all footwear. Note: there will be a noticeable decrease in friction when the toe coating of your trailing shoe is in contact with the ice.

Trailing shoe toe coating is available on the 403 and 404 versions of the 400 series footwear. Toe coating is designed to reduce drag and provide a faster pair of shoes. 401’s and 402’s are not designed to be fast curling shoes. They are designed for those curlers looking to provide a stable platform while staying comfortable and in-control during their delivery.

You may apply low friction materials to your sliding shoe.
We suggest a temporary solution such as low friction tape so that it may be tested, and then sent to BalancePlus for a toe coating installation as a permanent solution.
Applying toe coating other than that from BalancePlus may affect the warranty of your shoes.

Any services or repairs are processed the day of receipt, and are available to ship within 2 business days. Please send us your shoe(s) by a courier that will deliver “Door to Door”. This will ensure that your parcel gets delivered directly to BalancePlus. Visit the SHOP section of our website and click on Footwear Installations for this service. This will speed up the installation process.

With an increase of thickness to 1/4″, the slider rides above the pebble more and thus reduces the sliding surface area and ultimately is faster in speed. Also, as the slider gets thicker, there is more stability in the sliding platform.

The toes of BalancePlus shoes are designed to be soft so they can change shape depending on the position of your trailing foot during the curling delivery. This allows the shoe to last longer as the toe will not wear as quickly. Apply low-friction materials such as toe coating to achieve the desired amount of deceleration.

A Stealth Slider is a 1/16” BalancePlus slider. It is used for beginner type footwear, such as Pull-On Sliders and Step-On Sliders. It’s higher rate of deceleration makes it perfect for those curlers looking to provide a stable platform while staying comfortable and safe during their delivery.

Two-piece sliders are intended to be “hinged” therefore they are not supposed to be entirely glued onto the sole of the shoe. This design feature allows for maximum comfort and flexibility during the delivery and while sweeping or walking. A two-piece, hinged design works well for any style of delivery (toe, tuck, or flat-foot). Please refer to the below image for how the front pod should be attached to your shoe.

The label is approx. 5” x 2” and is stitched and glued to the upper of the shoe. We typically install it on the shoe around the ankle area, not covering any existing logos on the shoe. This is subject to change depending on the shoes.

Yes, all of our sliders are designed to work for flat-foot, toe sliding, and tuck deliveries. The sliding shoe has maximum flexibility for added comfort for all types of deliveries.

Brooms, Faceplates

The RS allows for certain combinations of brush head size and brush head materials.  These combinations can be used based on the athletic ability of the sweepers and the ice conditions to produce the best results.

if you’re a beginner or non-competitive curler any of the RS, e Lite, EQ, EQ+, or Sportlight brush heads will be suitable for your game.

However, if you’re looking for more from your curling brush, it really depends on your athletic ability and physical fitness.  Each brush head combination provides different effects on the curling stone’s curl and distance.  The best way to choose a brush type is to try the different heads in practice.

As part of a team, different combinations of heads provide different results based on the athlete and the ice conditions.  We encourage all teams to see what combination best suits their game.

The LiteSpeed XL (9″) faceplates cover more surface area allowing better coverage while sweeping to ensure the path of the rock is cleared. This style of faceplate requires more energy compared to the 7″ and is the preferred faceplate for competitive curlers.

The 7″ faceplate is lighter and smaller making it easier to sweep at a faster rate.

The LiteSpeed brush is the lightest and most effective in the World.

The faceplate should be designated with a code such as B2A1E and be described as WCF Approved, to be permitted in competitive play. Check with the organizers of your event to ensure you have a conforming brush. All eLite brush heads are WCF Approved.

To check if your faceplate is WCF approved, please check the Brush Approval Listing, found HERE. Click on the Approved Code List download to get the approved brush head listing.

The 23mm and 26mm refer to measurements of the outer diameter of the plastic mandrel piece that fits inside the handle. Please see diagram for more information.

The 23mm diameter on the plastic mandrel piece on the RS or LiteSpeed complete head will fit in BalancePlus Carbon Fibre, Composite and Fiberglass handles.
The 26mm diameter on the plastic mandrel piece on the RS or LiteSpeed complete head will fit in LiteSpeed handles.

Payment & Shipping Information

All BalancePlus products are listed in Canadian (CAD) dollars.

Preferred method of payment:

(Canadian Bank Account required)


BalancePlus accepts:


All orders are processed in the order they are received and are available to ship within 2 business days once processed at BalancePlus.

Any services or repairs are processed the day of delivery, and are available to ship within 2 business days.

Orders placed before 8:30am EST will ship the following business day. Orders placed after 8:30am EST will be shipped in two business days.

All carriers have different delivery times based on when the order ships as well as type of service selected through the carrier.
The estimated delivery date shown on the checkout page may not be accurate.
All shipping estimates and quotes at are subject to change at time of shipment, without notice.
Carriers may be changed at time of shipping to provide the best possible value and service to each customer.
To ensure accurate delivery time of your shipment, please use the tracking number supplied once we have shipped your product.

All Post Office box shipments need to use Canada Post as the carrier.
UPS will not deliver to a post office box. If you use UPS, please include a street address for all shipments.

To calculate shipping to your address, please add all your items to the cart. Once completed, view the cart and enter in your shipping details into the estimator. All of our methods of shipping and costs associated will be calculated and displayed.

International orders may be subject to additional charges such as duties, brokerage, and taxes. Check with your local government for import guidelines.

Fitting & Store Information

Visit one of the stores in the Store Locator section of this website.
Go to the BalancePlus SHOP to create a new account begin shopping. Browse through the product categories to find the item(s) that you’re looking to order and add those items to your cart. Click checkout at the top of the page and follow the instructions on screen to complete your order.

Please visit our FITTING ASSISTANCE page of our website for assistance with Footwear, Anti-Sliders, Pull-on Sliders, Gripper Pods and Pants/Trousers.

In-stock items may be exchanged for a different size if they have not been used/worn. All special orders (non-stock items) are final, with no option for exchange or return.

Please visit one of the stores listed in the Store Locator section of this website.

The best way to determine proper fit is to try on shoes before buying. Please see our Store Locator to find a BalancePlus retail location near you.

Fitting assistance is available for those ordering footwear online through Please visit our FITTING ASSISTANCE page for more details on how BalancePlus shoes will fit.

• Most of us have one foot that is larger than the other, so fit your shoes to your larger foot.
• Your heel should fit comfortably in the shoe with a minimum amount of slipping (ie. the shoes should not ride up and down on your heel when you walk).
• Make sure the ball of your foot fits comfortably into the widest part of the shoe.
• Don’t buy shoes that feel too tight and expect them to stretch to fit. The leather on BalancePlus shoes will stretch slightly to conform to your foot.
• If you’re between sizes a thicker or thinner footbed (insole) may help to achieve the perfect fit.
• Be sure to wear the socks that you will use for curling when trying on shoes.

Maintenance & Tips

New shoes will break in faster when worn at room temperature.

All BalancePlus shoes are made of leather, so there is a bit of room for movement until the shoes conform to your feet.

Keep your gripper and anti-slider clean by washing regularly with soap and water. This will improve traction and keep dirt off the ice.

Grippers and anti-sliders are like tires: they wear out and must be maintained, and repaired or replaced when they become worn or damaged.

  1. Cover your slider with an anti-slider (slip-on gripper) when not on the ice to avoid damage to the slider.
  2. Curling shoes receive a lot of abuse from stopping and kicking rocks. Some curlers also rub their shoes together while sweeping. Check your habits to avoid unexpected wear.
  3. Let your shoes dry fully at room temperature (don’t leave them in your curling bag). Remove the insoles from your shoes between games to aid removal of perspiration. Cedar shoe-trees are recommended if your feet perspire excessively.
  4. Avoid storing your shoes in extreme cold temperatures prior to games (i.e. the trunk of your car).

Avoid unnecessary gripper wear with proper hack foot placement. Grippers and anti-sliders are like tires: they wear out and must be maintained, and repaired or replaced when they become worn or damaged.

Please click HERE for more information on proper hack foot positioning.

We recommend turning the gloves inside out and wash in cold water on gentle cycle or hand wash using mild soap. Always hang to dry, do not place in dryer.

All BalancePlus pants come unhemmed. Before hemming, wash in cold water and hang to dry. You should continue to wash in cold water and hang to dry for all future washings. Be sure to read and follow the garment care label located inside the pants.

Warranty, Returns & Exchanges

Our products are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Make sure your shoes fit comfortably before using. Problems caused by improper fit, abuse or misuse is not considered a manufacturer’s defect. Upon inspection, BalancePlus will determine if the product will be repaired or replaced.

Should your BalancePlus EQuipment not fit properly, you may exchange the unused/unworn item for the correct size. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Items that have been worn, laundered, or used may not be returned. Any items returned must be returned in its original packaging, free of damage. All returns are subject to approval by BalancePlus.